Review: DIY Engagement Handbouquet

I decided to DIY my handbouquet for the engagement ceremony. I can save budget, and there is always that self satisfaction when you do things with your own hands. It’s a simple one but I love it to bits because I made it all by myself, 100%! I didn’t refer to any tutorials while making it, but I did my research and I have a pretty good idea of what kind of a bouquet I want, so I just go on and do it! Now here are the steps to make your own hand bouquet for brides-to-be out there.

1. You need to prepare the materials and tools first. Get a bouquet of your personally chosen flower. I chose these pinkish-orange roses because they caught my eyes the moment I saw them! And since I want a medium-sized bouquet, I got 2 of them. One costs me about RM18. Next I prepared some duct tape, glue gun, ribbons and a piece of cloth.

2. The first step is, I de-leaf the flowers from each rose. I figured with that much leave it’ll be a messy hand bouquet. But you are welcomed to leave them there. Nice leaves will add a nice touch to the bouquet.

3. Next,  I combined the 2 separate bouquet of flowers to become one, big bouquet. I used duct tape so that it’ll hold better.

4. Next, I cut a piece of cloth and I wrapped it around the duct tape. This is to make the holder appear nicer. I used glue gun to help hold the cloth together so it wont come off from the stem. Don’t forget to glue the tip (root) of the holder to hide those duct tapes!

5. After that, I cut some ribbons and tie them securely around the base of the flowers.

6. Use another ribbon and repeat step 5. You may use as many as you want but make sure it won’t be too crowed or you’ll have a hard time holding on to your bouquet!

7. I found some extra pearl string that I used for the ‘dulang hantaran’ so I decided to glue them around the holder so it wont appear dull. However, if you want a simple hand bouquet, you can just skip this step.

8. Next, I used some pink, smaller pearl string. Cut them into 3 shorter ones. Each string must be able to cover the diameter of the bouquet. Put them on the flower bouquet and make sure each end reaches the base of the bouquet.

9. I tucked the two ends of the pearl string back into the base of the bouquet. There should be some space among the flower stems. After tucking them in, I glued them with the glue gun to secure the strings.

10. Walla! It’s done. It took me about 30 minutes to finish it, surprisingly. Not difficult at all. Here is a view of the end product.

Simple, isn’t it? 7 days to go, and I’m so excited!!! 🙂


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